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The Double Diamond

Our approach is based on the Design Council’s ‘Double Diamond’, a way of describing the divergent and convergent stages of the design process and the different modes of thinking.

The process is divided into four stages:

1. Discover the problem

Social issues are complex. Even when the goal is clear, the problem is often ill-defined and uncertain. We embrace this uncertainty by focusing on the people involved to uncover the reality at the heart of an issue.

2. Define the cause

Once we know what, we can understand why. Existing insights or simple experiments are used to identify the crucial factors that influence behaviour to inform the brief from which new ideas can be developed.

3. Develop ideas

The most creative ideas lie at the intersection of disciplines. We use our networks to bring together the right teams to tackle the brief and then support them throughout the development of their ideas.

4. Deliver what works

As ideas become real we use field trials to test and refine what works and determine if we are successfully influencing the outcomes of interest. Proof of concept is demonstrated in lieu of longer term measures.
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