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World Development Report 2015: Mind, Society, and Behavior

Design-thinking, Development, Psychology, principles

Part 1: An expanded understanding of human behavior for economic development: A conceptualframework
CHAPTER 1: Thinking automatically
CHAPTER 2: Thinking socially
SPOTLIGHT 1: When corruption is the norm
CHAPTER 3: Thinking with mental models
SPOTLIGHT 2: Entertainment education

Part 2: Psychological and social perspectives on policy
CHAPTER 4: Poverty
SPOTLIGHT 3: How well do we understand the contexts of poverty?
CHAPTER 5: Early childhood development
CHAPTER 6: Household finance
CHAPTER 7: Productivity
SPOTLIGHT 4: Using ethnography to understand the workplace
CHAPTER 8: Health
CHAPTER 9: Climate change
SPOTLIGHT 5: Promoting water conservation in Colombia

Part 3: Improving the work of development professionals
CHAPTER 10: The biases of development professionals
CHAPTER 11: Adaptive design, adaptive interventions
SPOTLIGHT 6: Why should governments shape individual choices?

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