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Our minds at work: developing the behavioural science of HR

Design-thinking, Psychology, Behavioural Science, Human Resources
This report sets out the case for applying a behavioural science lens to a wide range of HR issues. Understanding human behaviour at work lies at the heart of HR. We need to make sure HR strategies and interventions are in sync with how people are ‘wired’ and don’t inadvertently  encourage undesirable behaviour. It is easy for the thinking behind HR activity to be narrow and not consider the organisation systemically. Building on the series of reports we have published on behavioural science insights for learning and development, this report makes the case for applying behavioural science to HR practice more widely. While some leading-edge consultants and practitioners are already doing this, it is far from normal practice. And yet it has a natural fit with the ‘USP’ of HR: a focus on shaping human behaviour at work for both the good of employees and business needs.


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