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Behaviour Change: School attendance, exclusion, and persistent absence

Psychology, education

The British Psychological Society’s Behaviour Change Advisory Group (BCAG) works to provide expert advice on behaviour change in the context of public policy. It co-ordinates production of Society publications on behaviour change issues and supports our responses to consultations on related topics. It provides an expert interface between the Society and government and other policy making bodies in relation to behaviour change issues.

The chair and 12 members of the group are drawn from across the different Divisions and Sections of the Society. They are experts on behaviour change in different domains.

Behaviour Change Briefing Portfolio

This is a series of short briefings aimed at emphasising the role psychology can play in achieving behaviour change. Each of these briefings is designed to focus specifically on the role psychology can play in addressing a societal issue. This portfolio is freely available and is aimed at policy-makers and opinion formers. It will also be of interest to researchers and practitioners.


School attendance, exclusion, and persistent absence (of pupils)

Psychologists look at the key reasons for persistant absence from education, and offers recommendations for a multi-disciplinary approach to remedy this.

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