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21st Century Design: Shaping behaviour for preferable outcomes


21st Century Design is an attempt at a call to action for our industry. The tone isn’t quite as vitriolic as a “manifesto” but that’s partly because the people I would vilify in order to make this more polarizing operate in a pretty different world that I don’t claim to fully understand. So for me, it’s rather an invitation for dialogue in which we declare our intentions and point-of-view.

This has been a result of a long process and it’s ongoing. There is a sense that we needed to explain what we meant by our general mission statement to ‘improve lives by design’. We have a sense that the mood has changed in the 21st century towards a more socially sustainable long term view for us and some of our clients. We have held many internal discussions and workshops and there have been many contributors, including designer and educator, August de los Reyes who in a year-long process did a lot of the gathering, documenting and analysis of the internal thinking on the subject.

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