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Understanding how we behave differently online

Marketing, Technology, online

Decision-making shortcuts in our digital world, by Crawford Hollingworth, Liz Barker and Jamie Halliday, The Behavioural Architects.

In the last decade we have learnt more about our behaviour than in the last 100 years. We have begun to map the human behavioural blueprint! Research by psychologists, neuroscientists, anthropologists and sociologists have allowed us to understand more than we ever have about our behaviour, judgement and decision-making.

Whilst much of this learning has been in ‘the real world’, there is now an emerging focus on how these insights can also be applied to understanding our ever-expanding digital world.[1] This is important because the online environment can affect our behaviour in very different ways.

The Behavioural Architects have been working with companies and organisations around the world, and using behavioural science to understand how to optimise online behaviour and behavioural journeys, building on our own learning and insights from academia. From this experience, we are beginning to build a fascinating picture of our behaviour online and how it differs from the offline world we live in.

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