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The behavioural impact of the physical interface

Marketing, online

In the last decade we have learnt more about our behaviour than in the last 100 years. We have begun to map the human behavioural blueprint! Whilst much of this learning has been in the offline, ‘real’ world, there is now an emerging focus on how these insights can also be applied to understanding our ever-expanding digital world. This is important because the online environment affects our behaviour in very different ways.

This article is the third of a three part series which overall looks at:

How and why the online world affects our behaviour in interesting and often surprising ways;
The general patterns of our behaviour and decision-making online; and that
How we think and choose online may fundamentally differ from our behaviour and choices offline.

Part 1 and 2 looked at how our interaction in the digital world can lead us to behave in different ways than when we are in the offline world. Part 3 now goes on to analyse two potential impacts of the physical devices we use to access the digital world on our behaviour and consequent decision-making.

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