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Encouraging Brazils emerging middle class to buy sustainably

Finance, Psychology, Sustainability

There is an economic phenomenon transforming emerging economies around the world – the rise of a new middle class of consumers. And the need for business to manage their major impact on the existing global system of production and consumption.

Encouraging these new consumers to make sustainable buying choices is one of the greatest challenges facing responsible companies today. As traditional approaches fail, businesses in Brazil are now starting to explore the power of behaviour change techniques.

Over the last ten years, some 30 million Brazilians have joined the middle class. These new consumers are swelling the numbers of a market which is already stretching Brazil’s natural resources beyond their capacity. Nevertheless, it is impossible to deny to this segment of the population the access to consumption that is already enjoyed by other Brazilians.

In Brazil, socio-economic classes C (household gross monthly income of above BRL2,040 (£531)), D (income of above BRL1,020 (£265)) and E (income of below BRL1,020 (£265)) now account for 108 million people, or 54% of the population.

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