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Changing behaviour at a scale that matters

Sustainability, food, recycling

The average American generates two kilogrammes of rubbish every day. That might not seem much. Until you total it up together that is. And then consider that more than half of this goes straight to landfill. Suddenly you have yourself a problem.

How to reduce this 136 million tonne annual garbage dilemma? Get people recycling. Easy enough, you might think. Not so. Americans recycle, just not enough. Recycling rates in the US have inched up by around one percent per year over the last two decades. In landfill terms, that hardly makes a dent.

It all comes down to scale. Yes, it’s great that you carefully sort out your recyclables and leave them on the street for the recycling lorry. Yet the resource crisis looming over the planet requires everyone on your street to do the same. And not just on your street. On every street in your town, your nation and, dare we hope, the world.

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