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Andrew Marr: Can good design save the economy?

Design-thinking, Finance, evidence

The value of art and design may be difficult to quantify but, as Andrew Marr discovers, there are those who believe it can help drive Britain’s economic recovery.

Even Londoners mostly miss it. In the glorious sprawl of liver-coloured brick, fancy stonework and famous-named galleries that is South Kensington, quietly tucked to one side, is the Royal College of Art.

It is 175 years old. That is, it goes back to the year the young Queen Victoria was crowned and when Texas was allowed to join the United States.

The two events are connected because back in 1837, British politicians were starting to fret about economic decline. The rising power of the US was just becoming visible. Closer to home French and German design, in goods such as textiles and ceramics, was worryingly good.

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