This is a legacy website for the Behavioural Design Lab. It is no longer updated.
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Work with us

There are ways to work with the Behavioural Design Lab through both Warwick Business School and the Design Council.


We are not currently advertising for jobs specifically related to Behavioural Design Lab projects however you can view current vacancies at Warwick Business School and at the Design Council.


We are not currently advertising any internships.

PhD Studentships

Warwick Business School has one of the best Doctoral Programmes in Europe with many opportunities for funding. If you have a topic you believe would be relevant to the Behavioural Design Lab, please get in touch through the Doctoral Programme.


We are always looking for new thoughts for our blog. Please get in touch if you have a topic you’d like to write about related to how science and creativity can work together to make good ideas happen.

Participate in experiments

Many of our experiments are conducted through the Warwick Research Participation System. If you’re interested in taking part in paid research, you can sign up online.
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