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Using behavioural science and design to make good ideas happen

We help organisations use a scientific understanding of people to design better products and services with a social purpose.

Our belief

The biggest issues in society, from obesity to climate change, are due to avoidable behavioural and lifestyle factors that people embrace on a daily basis.Most attempts to change behaviour rely on the outdated assumption that we act completely rationally. The result is a range of programmes that may appear sensible but have minimal impact.

We believe the best way to solve these issues is to not only research how and why people actually make decisions, but use the design of products, services and places to guide and support people in making better decisions.

Our expertise

The Behavioural Design Lab was a collaboration between Warwick Business School and the Design Council from 2012-2015, bringing together experts in behavioural science and social design.The Behavioural Science group at WBS focuses on the interaction between the natural and social science approaches to understanding behaviour. The group is the leading centre of its kind in Europe and is highly interdisciplinary, using methods drawn from psychology, economics, philosophy, and statistics.

The Challenges Team at the Design Council ran open innovation competitions that provided a platform on which designers, engineers, technologists and entrepreneurs could work together to develop strong concepts to address social problems. The team provided funding, advice and networks to accelerate idea generation and real world development.

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